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Terroir Natto Silky Pack Hi Power LPP 1000ml (33.8oz) Hair Mask - Damaged Hair & Before After Perm Dye Bleach

Korean Hair Care

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  • This contains Natto, bean protein and herb extract, glycerine, and mineral oil : Protein treatment for hair
  • Clear Scalp and Reduce dirt and itching essence
  • Protect Your Hair from Damage by Perm & Dyeing : Apply to damaged Hair and Massage for 2~3 min. After Perm & Dyeing
  • Penetrate fast to Damaged Hair and sensitive Scalp : Keratin Hair Treatment
  • Give Moisturize and Water : Moisturizing hair Treatment

A use 
- water and moisturize hair and scalp 
- Damage prevention when chemical operation before and after 

How to use 
- Apply Hair and Scalp
- Leaves 2~3 minute and wash out in water cleanly
-Operation dyeing or perm after a little this product in damaged hair and massage and short dry.


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