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Somang Red Ginseng Scalp Cleanser 730ml


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  • Korean Red Ginseng & Herbal Scalp Cleanser cares dandruff, pruritus & thin hair.
  • Effects of 5 Korean Certified Patent Ingredients (Patent# 0451284) - (Red Ginseng) strengthens the hair root.
  • Capacity : 730ml 
  • COSMOCOS is a popular beauty and cosmetics brand from Korea, a leading manufacturer of quality skin care and hair care products. COSMOCOS has won numerous awards for popularity, quality and business excellence.

Red Ginseng Scalp Cleanser Shampoo contains natural Korean red ginseng concentrate without any artificial coloring. 
10 kinds of saponin of red ginseng concentrate balance Yin and Yang to make your hair exuberant and vitalized. 

Saponin Activated Comples Ingredients of Red Ginseng Concentrate cleanses dead skin cells and wastes from the scalp to reduce itching & dandruff. It also supplies nutrients to the hair roots intensively to make your thin & weak hair healthy. 

Black Bean and Polygonum Multiflorum Thunberg supply nutrients to make your dull & rough hair soft. These also reinforce hair's barrier and maximize moisture-containing ability of the hair to make your hair healthy and elastic.


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