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M Cerade Hydrating Hair Pack 1000ml Scalp Purification Effect / Hair Moisturizing

Korean Hair Care

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  • Contains a lot of nutrients than hair conditioner
  • Recommend healthy hair and damaged hair lightly
  • Scalp cleanly and reduce dirt and itching.
  • Can be subsituted for hair conditioner


* hair moisturizing, hair pack affect 
ceramide complex keep hair condition 
keratin protein supply + repair material to make healthy hair

* hair matrix repair effect 
natural complex amino acid repair damaging hair it protect protein hair part

* scalp purification effect 
cream bzol help to keep clean scalp

How to use 
1. after shampoo, apply on hair and massage about 5 minutes. 
wash off with warm water 
2. while perm or coloring:combine contents about 5% to maximize coloring and perm effect 
3. setting perm, curl iron: massage on damaging part and leave about 10-20minutes


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