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Korea Hair Treatment Ex Ceramide PPT Treatment 1000ml

Korean Hair Care

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  • Ceramide ingredients apply on cmc part - make strong hair conditioner + hair silkiness (multi-functional product)
  • Vitality on scalp organ
  • It supply powerful moisturizing effect on damaging hair / Remove toxic on scalp + hair, prevent coloring change
  • Keep vivid color with professional hair clinic product
  • Moisturizing balance make smooth hair condition

Contains a lot of nutrients than hair conditioner 
Scalp cleansing function 
Can be substituted for hair conditioner 
Recommend healthy hair and damaged hair lightly

How to use 
before chemical procedure 
after shampoo and towel dry, apply products about 3 minutes on hair

after chemical procedure 
after shampoo and towel dry, apply on hair and massage it 
leave about 5 minutes then wash it.



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