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Hair Collagen Essential Powder100 (3g x 20ea) -Protect Hair Damage, Supply Nutrition - Pre & After Perm Dye Treatment

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  • Protects Your Hair from getting damaged during perm or dyeing procedures, make curls last long, and helps colors to get absorbed to last long.
  • If you use mixing in the case of treatment or hair pack, hair proteins are supplemented to exert a clinic effect on damaged hair.
  • Miracle by 3g! Now don't be afraid of chemical procedure with hair! - Treatment, hair pack for Damaged Hair - Repair & Nutrition
  • Pre, Intermediate & Post Treatment Formula - Perm, Magic-Straight, Dyeing, Bleach - Can Use as Skin Care - Provide Nourishment
  • Collagen Powder 3g x 20ea - Made in Korea

Collagen Essential Powder100 3g*20ea / Protect Hair Damage, Supply Nutrition

Miracle by 3g!

Now don't be afraid of chemical procedure with hair! 
Collagen Essential Powder to transform each hair~

Volume 3g*20ea

How to use

1. When applying perm, and magic straight 
: Apply mixing Collagen Essential Powder 100 with formula 1 based on product volume 100g. 

2. When dyeing, manicure, or waxing procedure 
: Apply mixing Collagen Essential Powder 100 based on product volume 60g. 

3. Treatment, hair pack 
: For use 1 time, apply mixing Collagen Essential Powder 1 pack, or when using separately, mix with water to massage over ends of hair. And then rinse. 

4. Skin care 
: Fully get cotton or gauze wet with water diluted with collagen to provide nourishment to skin or if you mix other powder pack with water, mix Collagen Essential Powder together to do pack. Rinse off with water. 

* When applying to every hair, you can use as pre-treatment formula, intermediate treatment formula, and post treatment formula.


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