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Shiseido Professional Crystallizing Straight H1 Straightener For Resistant to Natural Hair Perm

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Shiseido Professional Crystallizing Straight H1 Straightener
No. 1 : Crystallizing Straight H1 Straightener ( 400 g / 13.52 oz)
No. 2 : Crystallizing Straight 2 Straightener Neutralizer Cream ( 400 g / 13.52 oz)

Product Features
  • Suitable for men & women.
  • Crystallizing Straightener H1. (For Resistant To Natural Hair)
  • Perfect Straight Effect.
  • Shining, Moisturizing, Silkiness.
  • Easy and Simple to Straight your Hair with great effect.
  • Smooth and Beautiful Straight Hair without Damage.
  • Super Hypoallergenic.
  • Crystallizing Straight cream only product from Shiseido Technology Masking.
  • No ammonia smell and perm product smell.
  • Minimize scalp trouble.

How to use

Hair diagnose
Check hair damage, curling, and hair condition

Alkali shampoo for oily hair type
Do not give stimulate on hair or scalp
Towel dry after shampoo

No.1 apply
Apply on curl area or damaging part
Do not touch scalp. apply 1cm away from scalp
(back hair → the side of the head → bangs head to the side in order,
curly hair: curlycoated from where the strongest)
natural drying
(healthy hair - 20minutes / damaging hair - 10 ~ 15minutes)

Rinse thoroughly after softening test (without using shampoo, rinse with water only)
Healthy hair- soft wind dry about 80% damaged hair- dry about 90%
(If there is moisture will cause damage.)

Curling iron (temperature 180 ° curling iron ... Recommended)
90-degree angle, keeping the hair and scalp.
Iron will press evenly on the hair

Apply No.2
Apply from scalp (natural leave 10 ~ 15minutes)

Conditioned and finish
Wash with warm water then dry.

Wear suitable disposable gloves during the entire service.
Do not exceed the development time.
Use a timer.
Take care to ensure that the rinse water does not run into the eyes.


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